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Product features: small size, light weight, low noise, large torque, long life.

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DC motor, brushless motor, worm gear motor and planetary gear motor.


testing and other key motor manufacturing processes to achieve intelligent.

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10+ Years of Experience in Motor
It is a professional company that develops and manufactures DC motor, brushless motor, worm gear motor and planetary gear motor. 
Advanced Equipment
Our company has dozens of processing, testing equipment, advanced CNC machining center, punching and shearing, welding, coil manufacturing, spray painting, dynamic balance...

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Our experienced team of Motor Professionals all have over 15 years of experience and have been professionally certified.

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    Motor Testing

    We are world leaders in testing miniature motors & mechanisms. For design validation, for quality control, for in-application analysis and for customer records.

    29 04 2019
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    Reliable Quality Control

    Our quality consistency and control is highly trusted. We have built industry leading infrastructure, procedures, expertise and we have a simple mission: On Time & To Spec.

    29 04 2019
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    Flexible Manufacturing

    Our manufacturing expertise starts before the line. An extensive DFM and performance validation process. Flexible manufacturing options from 100 to 1M+ pieces / annum.

    29 04 2019
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    Precision Motor Design

    We design motors & mechanisms for new applications. We also replace expensive legacy parts. Our advantage is in our expert understanding of your application.

    29 04 2019
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    Order Motors

    Motors available off-the-shelf. Purchase online for immediate access to stock parts. Prototype & production quantities available.

    29 04 2019

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